Logan was born in small town Prescott, Arizona to loving and supportive parents. He spent much of his childhood dedicated to developing his dance and performance talents. He loved the stage, playing dress up and finding new characters. His passion and energy kept him  focused; he soon realized that being a performer was what he was meant to be...

Struggling with the cruel reality of adolescent bullying and non-acceptance from the majority of his small town, he often dreamed of an escape. After years of turmoil and pain, Logan finalized a plan to finish high school early and within a week of graduating moved to NYC as a fresh faced 17 year old. 

Eager to audition, he scouted the city for every resource he could find. Not having much success and often not able to meet his rent he asked a friend, a newly born drag queen, for some guidance. His friend's suggestion would shape Logan's career and impact the rest of his life.  " Get in drag and come out… Who knows what could happen...."


What happened that night? Logan solidified his career. Within 3 months, Logan was beginning to win Drag competitions across NYC. He was funny, he could dance, he had absolutely no filter, and he was ready. Rocketing to the top of NYC's drag scene, Logan's potential was quickly realized.

Recruited as a headliner on Fire Island, Logan took the summer resort island by storm. Being one of the few pageant contestants to ever consecutively win both Miss Fire Island and Miss Entertainer, he continues to work in multiple towns and businesses across the island. 

Today Logan's career is storming with epic force. Appearing weekly in his solo show at the legendary Stonewall Inn in NYC, his journey has truly come full circle. With major negotiations in discussion, everyone will be getting a little more HARDCORE...